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  • The cooling assembly is really the heart of the equipment;
  • Purchasing a standard radiator or cooler based solely on cost does not guarantee you more than the performance already obtained from your equipment;
  • By doing the math and considering all aspects, be it: purchase cost, maintenance and repair costs, performance, product lifespan, you will see how much that by only considering the purchase price of a standard radiator, you forget to consider other important and useful factors in decision-making;
  • When you consider that the availability of your equipment has an impact on the operational efficiency and profitability of your company, for example a mine, then you will come to the conclusion that we are a good investment for your company.

The Ilec Industries option

  • Unparalleled performance over time;
  • Ease of cleaning due to its robust construction;
  • Ability to easily and quickly repair our radiators or coolers on site, and in many cases even directly in the machine;
  • Epoxy coating option for use in acidic or corrosive environments.

Ilec industries helps you control the heat of your engine

Ilec Industries' team of experts is dynamic, highly motivated and aims to exceed the expectations of its customers. For this, the range of quality products and services will meet the most demanding customers.

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